Structural massage therapy unravels the stressful patterns of daily living. These patterns may contribute to restrictions in skeletal connective tissue and shortened muscle fibers. Structural massage is able to effectively release these adhesions and restore the optimal range of motion. The muscles are then free to work without pain and inflammation. When a greater understanding of the pattern is known, it helps prevent future injuries and true healing is possible!


Your massage is customized to the needs of your condition at the time of the appointment. An initial consultation will determine which areas will require the most focus. These areas may include small postural muscles, connective tissues and joint attachments. Intermittent feedback helps direct the session for optimal healing.

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what to expect

The mind plays an important role in healing the mechanics of the body. Along with the more focused therapies, relaxation can help the brain accept a new physical experience without chronic pain. You can expect skilled therapy and full attention to your comfort in a quiet, soothing environment.

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This office is closed.

I am not practicing massage therapy at this time. A recent medical report cited findings of blood clots, uncontrolled bleeding and strokes in otherwise asymptomatic younger people as a result of COVID-19. Massage therapy is prohibited for anyone who may have risk of blood clotting conditions or strokes, because massage may facilitate passage of blood clots to the heart or brain. Until there is widespread COVID-19 antibody testing, it will be difficult to know who may be at risk for blood clots at the time of a massage therapy appointment. It is inadvisable to receive massage therapy from any practitioner, unless in a hospital setting with adequate personal protection and emergency care.

Please contact me with any questions or concerns about massage therapy and I will get back to you within a day.