I am located in the Home Builders Association building on the lower level. The HBA building is positioned on the north side of Rockside and faces the Cleveland Clinic satellite offices. A few more details:

Traffic: This area is sometimes referred to as a “second downtown” and is known for heavy traffic patterns near rush hour. The busiest time is between 4:30 to 5:30 in the afternoon on West Creek. Traffic is generally heavier going east rather than west on Rockside at this time. Driving around this area is pretty manageable after 5:30.

Stairs: The HBA building does not have an elevator. If you have joint or balance issues I can recommend a specific staircase that is easier to navigate than the one at the back of the building.

Parking: There should be plenty of free parking available in the HBA parking lot.

Address: 6140 West Creek Road, Independence, Ohio 44131